Barge Consulting Group: Basics to Options Spreads (Advanced Course)

Barge Consulting Group

Let's take your options strategy to the next level. This course is for traders that already have experience trading options and want to learn new strategies, this is course is not for beginners. This course breaks down how to leverage options spreads in your trading strategy.  Option spreads offer a trader a limited-risk strategy so that you can focus on making consistent income from the market with less risk. This course covers spread strategies that can be leveraged when the market is bullish, bearish, even neutral.   

This course covers:

- Vertical Spreads 

-Covered Calls

-Covered Puts 

& much more! 

This in-depth course covers all types of options spreads & also comes with a 1-hour LIVE video walkthrough of the course and how to enter the trades, tips, best practices, and more! 

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Barge Consulting Group: Basics to Options Spreads (Advanced Course)

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