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With Over 3000+ Students Enrolled, Barge Consulting Group continues to educate the masses on financial literacy and creating generational wealth. Our educational products provide guidance and support with investing and building passive income to generate long-term wealth and financial freedom.

Barge Consulting Group: Private Mastermind Investing (Get Our Weekly Stock Picks & Trading Plan)

$49.99 a month

BCG Options Trading Bootcamp (Replay)


Barge Consulting Group: Index Funds & ETF Investing Masterclass (Replay)


Advanced Technical Analysis & Indicators: Live Crash Course Replay


Barge Consulting Group: Basics to Options Spreads (Advanced Course)


Intro to NFT's & Cryptocurrency Investing Masterclass (Replay)


Stock Investing + Options Trading Self-Paced Course + Group Access - No Prior Knowledge Needed (Best Value)

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