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Barge Consulting Group: Index Funds & ETF Investing Masterclass (Replay)

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Barge Consulting Group: Index Funds & ETF Investing Masterclass (Replay)

Barge Consulting Group

I give you everything you need to learn how to make a 30-60% on your investments yearly in this 2-Hour Masterclass !!!

How you can build a long-term fortune with ETFs

Learn how to invest with as little as $20 into diversified portfolios that include over 500 companies' stock. Hedge your assets against inflation.

How to generate passive income from the stock market

Learn hyper-effective techniques that will allow you to have consistent gains year over year using a strategy that most investors throw away.

How to invest successfully in ETFs without prior knowledge

Index ETFs are the best investment instruments to enjoy the market's return without making an extra effort to conduct research or trying to time the stock market.

How to build a strong dividend-paying portfolio

I'll share the secrets of investing in dividend-paying ETFs that these hedge funds and wall street don't want you to know.

Learn the "Set it & forget it " Investing Approach

Learn how to invest without having to watch charts daily. Automate your investing strategy using smart apps like M1 Finance.

Introduce Index Funds that track the S&P 500, Nasdaq, Dow Jones, Dax, and many more.

After going through this course and understanding all the basics about ETFs, you will be able to successfully invest your money in ETFs.

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